Dead Sea between Israel & Jordan

Dead Sea
A view from Israel looking across to Jordan
Photo by: David Shankbone, Creative Commons

The Dead Sea, also known as the Sea of Salt, is a massive salt lake that is situated between Israel and the West Bank to the west and Jordan on the east. This body of water is 1,385 feet below sea level and its shores are believed to be the lowest in the world.

The sea itself is 1,240 feet deep, making it the deepest hyper saline lake in the world. The total salinity content is 33.7 percent. Because of its high salinity content, fish and vegetation cannot exist in it at all, hence its name. The Dead Sea is eight times saltier than the other oceans and it is 67 kilometers long and 18 kilometers wide. The main tributary of the sea is the Jordan River as it lies in the Jordan Rift Valley.

People have been visiting this grand sea for thousands of years. Visitors from all over the world come to the Dead Sea with many of them visiting from the Mediterranean basin. In ancient times, it served as a refugee camp for King David. It is also considered to be the first health resort in the world as it supplies a variety of products likes potash for fertilizers and balms. Moreover, the salt from the sea is used to create cosmetic and herbal packets.

The Dead Sea is not polluted and experiences sunny skies and dry air all year round. The place has become famous for its therapeutic qualities. Some of those include climatotherapy, heliotherapy (which is harnessing the positive biological effects of the suns radiation) and the thalassotherapy (which means bathing in the sea water).

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