Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel
View of the interior of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City
Photo by: beyond forgetting, Creative Commons

The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Italy is one of the most famous chapels in the world. It is also the official home of the Pope. The chapel is the final stop that visitors make when they are taking a tour of the Vatican Museums.

The Chapel has garnered much attention because of its amazing and intricate architecture and artwork that was carved and painted by some of the greatest artists of all time. It has a 12,000 square foot painted ceiling, parts of which were painted by Michelangelo. The paintings depict the life of Christ and Moses and took two to three years to complete. Other artwork by Raphael can be seen within the chapel. Because of these paintings, and the building’s purpose, the Sistine Chapel is considered a very holy and special place.

The chapel in the Vatican City is famous for its many of conclaves, or rooms. The most popular uses of the Sistine Chapel are the masses on Christmas Eve and Easter. During these days Vatican City is crowded with tourists and locals looking to be a part of the ceremonies.

23 thoughts on “Sistine Chapel

  1. mayra.coroma

    all of yall r stoopid….yall dnt know wat yall tlkin bout yall r mentally retarded ….stupids!!!!
    this is a religious place GOSH . ITS called RESPECT!yall r supposed to learn that like in…..PRE K!

  2. joleene

    this chapel is a beautiful and very religious place. if you dont appreciate the catholic religion dont visit the site

  3. Greg

    What an amazing piece of architure and art. Three years to complete, it’s unbelievable. Strange comments from a lot of people on here. Were they searching for “Famouswonders” and hoping to find Ben Affleck? This is real art to be treasured, whatever religion you are.

  4. Elizabeth

    I haven’t been yet, but it is gorgeous, I am Catholic and I think whether one is Catholic or not one should visit this place. I am not saying this to try to convinced anyone to convert but because this is a part of history. It is amazing to see the work of people from the 15th century. I mean imagine, it has been up since the architecture is phenomenal; the people in that era were geniuses, they didn’t have the technology we have to today and look what they have accomplished. It is because of them we are where we are.

  5. Haru

    This is such a beautiful place and the art is amazing, i’m an artist and i find the overall beauty of art like this to be just overwelming and for those of you who don’t think like this fine not everyone has the same respects but please you don’t have to wright about it in the coments i don’t want to hear it or even read it


    To Abbie…You can only wish that your church could have a ceiling by Michelangelo!!! And a last judgement on the wall to boot!!
    This chapel was here long before you and it will be here long after you are gone…It is more famous than you will ever be.
    Christ told the Catholic church “You will be persecuted always…even to the ends of the earth”. Christ also said, ” The gates of hell shall not prevail against you.”. And so this chapel stands witness to that promise. You need education desperately Abbie. It is urgent that you educate yourself .

  7. BMcCarrell

    As a rule, it seems that this would be a place for Catholics or Atheists to visit. The former for “Religious” reasons, the latter for Art. But as a believer in God and His Word, particularly the Ten Commandments, how can I attend a place that is FULL of “carved” or “molded” images, when we were COMMANDED not to make any of them of anything on the earth, under the earth (inludes the seas) or in the Heavens NOR to bow (genuflect) before them. Jesus also spoke against men loving to wear long robes in public to be noticed & obtain respect for themselves. St. Peter said in “The Last Days”, (last 2,000 years of this age “The Age of Grace”) Heresies would be introduced, he says in Scripture “Doctrines of Demoms”, (forbidding men to marry)! Peter was MARRIED! Jesus healed his Mother-in-Law! How do you get a Mother-In-Law? By getting a wife, of course. And did you know that t Bible calls ALL True Believers, Jewish AND Christian, “saints”? That word just means they’ve set hothemselves APART from the World System’s way of thinking. Another wfor that is sanctification. Those words all mean set apart, not that they never miss the mark!

  8. Bible Quiz

    I was there in the late 70’s and it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. There has been a redstoration done since then and it would be neat to see it again.

  9. John Lowe

    I was there on June 3rd, 2016. I agree, the ceiling and especaily the mural of the last judgement by Michelangelo were breathtaking the paintings on the walls by Raphael and other artists are magnificent. As to the archiitecture I think Michelangelo`s reply to the Pope when he was ordered to paint the ceiling was quite apropos. ” I am a sculptor not a painter and I wor`t paint your barn.”

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