A Carriage in Vienna, Austria.
Photo by: http2007 , Creative Commons

Getting to know a city like Vienna, Austria can be a challenging task to do in a small amount of time. This city is so rich in historical, cultural and natural treasures that a first time visitor can get confused and end up with nothing but a superficial impression of the place.

However, if you know which places best represent the city’s spirit, then exploring Vienna, Austria is definitely possible. Here are just some of the places that many seasoned travelers to the city have recommended:

* Morning: Nothing is probably better than starting a day with a bracing cup of premium coffee – except for a cup of authentic Viennese coffee in one of the many cafes that dot the city’s landscape. After a traditional Austrian breakfast, it is highly recommended to visit Saint Stephen’s cathedral and marvel at its majestic towers and Romanesque facade. The church also houses Saint John Capistran’s pulpit, which has a special significance to the city’s role during the Crusades against invading Turks. A short distance away from this church is the Graben district, which has an impressive selection of shops that sell traditional Austrian deli foods and linens. There is a proliferation of great examples of Baroque period architecture represented by Saint Peter and Saint Michael’s churches. Walking along the Borgnergasse will then reveal aristocratic palaces that represent the city’s culture during the Baroque period.

* Afternoon: A quick ride on the metro can easily take tourists to Karlplatz where the Karlskirche is located. This church is another fine example of how Vienna was considered the center of the Holy Roman Empire because of its similar appearance to Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. Near this place are art nouveau buildings designed by Otto Wagner.

* Night: A soothing way to end the day in this city is to listen to the world famous Vienna Boys’ Choir and cap everything off by enjoying the night panorama of the city aboard the Riesenrad Ferris wheel at the Wiener Prater park.

These are just a few of the dozens of sites that tourists can visit to gain a rich cultural experience that only a city like Vienna, Austria can give.

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