Streets of Aalborg
Photo by: wgreller, Creative Commons

If you long for a unique shopping experience, nature adventure near downtown, and Icelandic horses, then Aalborg Denmark is the place to be. It’s a city that’s perfect for visiting, living and for doing business. It’s home to the 2nd largest European tobacco factory. It is also a city of knowledge that is simultaneously dominated by art and culture. And best of all, it’s the top sports city of Denmark, where you see a rare collection of sports in one place. There is an equal amount of top level teams for men and women in ice hockey, football, basketball and volleyball.

Annually, Aalborg hosts the Samba, the largest carnival in Nordic countries that usually attracts about 100,000 people. Happy people participate in a vivacious procession wearing bright costumes and dancing to lively Samba rhythms. It represents life, spring, religion and even political tendencies.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Aalborg is one big cocktail of international enjoyment as Jomfru Ane Gade (The Street) attracts a lot of party people from all Nordic countries. Other than that most of the streets are intimate as well, filled with clubs and bars and are often crowded with party animals on hot summer evenings.

What’s great about Aalborg is that everything is near. Even when on a bicycle you could reach almost any of the suburbs in 15 minutes. For the sight seeing enthusiasts you will want to visit one of Denmark’s largest forests: Hammer Bakker. You can also blow bubbles and enjoy art in downtown Aalborg. And for more of outstanding natural beauty, you would have to enjoy Egholm.

For a complete tour, Aalborg also offers fossil hunting in Vokslev limestone quarry, garden strolling and taking a walk through the jaws of a whale. All you’ll ever need in Aalborg is time and energy.

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