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Aasiaat is located in the southern area of Disko Bay on an island at the border of an incredibly attractive archipelago that is frequently known as “the land of a thousand islands”. Several of these islands in the vicinity are conservation sites and supply excellent chances to examine the whales or the unique birdlife that were the main reason why the town of Aasiaat was founded in mid-18th century.

When talking about culture, the town of Aasiaat provides a dated quarter that is abode to both a community centre and a museum that is adorned by twenty-four paintings by the world-famous painter named Per Kirkeby. Throughout the summer season, the sea is commonly frequented by the humpback whales and the archipelagos of Aasiaat are chiefly well-known destinations for ventures via kayak or by boat. Throughout the winter season, daring visitors can attempt their hand with cross-country skiing on ready trips or slopes by dogsled or snowmobile.

With its spot at the border of a huge archipelago, the town of Aasiaat chiefly offers tourist spots on the water. On top of this, the region is popular for its prosperous wildlife over and in the sea. Examples of fun activities to do in Aasiaat are:

Between islands and icebergs in a kayak
You can go on kayak excursions for both newbie and skilled paddlers, along with a tour guide who is knowledgeable about every thing there is to know in relation to the weather conditions and the area. Every trip begins with a route that introduces Arctic kayaking to you, subsequent to when you will head out for 2, 5, 8 or 12 days. Overnight housing is in hunting huts or tents. Of course, there is a lot of time to take pleasure in the amazing landscape. Safety is important and the archipelago’s sea is calm most of the time.

Wildlife safari
Traditionally, Aasiaat has been popular for its big populace of whales. A skilled skipper will perform his best to locate the appropriate spot where individuals can come up close to the whales on this whale safari.

Skis, dogsleds, or snowmobiles
When the scenery is covered with ice, it is definitely the winter activities that take over in Aasiaat. You can stop by at the settlement via dogsled or snowmobile and if you are interested with cross-country skiing, you can make use of the well-readied ski runs of the local skiing club.

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