A Busy Street in Aberdeen
Photo by: guinnessgurl, Creative Commons

Whether you are interested in doing business, relocating, studying or just having fun, Aberdeen, Scotland is the best place for you. It has one of the busiest heliports in the world and since the discovery of oil deposits; it was named as the Oil Capital of Europe. Aberdeen boasts breathtaking attractions that combine traditional and historical tastes.

Aberdeen is in the mouth of two rivers Don and Dee, and is an economically rich city with a variety of ventures that are conducted here. It has a mild climate which is surprising in its northern location and makes it an ideal place for many tourist activities.

Traditionally, Aberdeen is home to the popular industries of fishing, textile mills, shipbuilding and modern paper making. Now, it is home to highly technological electronic designs, research-based agriculture and fishing industry in addition to the developing oil industry. These have been responsible to the remarkable growth of Aberdeen’s economy in the last three decades.

Tourists flock to Aberdeen, Scotland, not just because of its economic abundance but also because of the beautiful sights throughout the city. This city is known as the Flower Capital of Britain because of its rich botanical heritage and of the fabulous floral displays that can be found everywhere.

Aberdeen is a sensational modern city that is the home to excellent universities attracting students from all over the world. This city is home to a beautiful night life and many shopping destinations.

One could say that Aberdeen is a complete package for tourists who enjoy variety because of the large variety of attractions that can be found here. Tourists never fail to note its Victorian Heritage and the Grampian Castle Trails as well as the Royal Deeside which are all glorious attractions. Added to these are the beautiful fishing villages and towns located in the Northeast. Amidst the busy life of the city, tourists can still enjoy its beautiful beaches where wildlife is abundant.

Whether you travel during summer, spring or any time of the year, Aberdeen, Scotland surely has something in store for you that will make your stay unforgettable and full of memories.

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