Coastline of Aberystwyth, Wales
Photo by: H Dickins, Creative Commons

If you’re on the trail of visiting different cities and towns in Wales, make sure to include Aberystwyth in your travel itinerary. This university town exudes an undeniable lively persona, thanks to its vibrant and young population. It is the center of welsh culture and the birthplace of the nationalist Wales movement. Aberystwyth life is surprisingly laid back considering that there’s so much going on in this small town. Whether you’re searching for the meaning of life or scouring around for a party spot, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in Aberystwyth.

If you think of yourself to be one of the most discerning of self-confessed bibliophiles, you can explore the extensive book collection that the national library of Wales holds. This particular library has more than 5 million titles, including all books published in the United Kingdom. There is also an art center in the area that offers a wide array of events that you can go to. Just make sure to check out what’s going on during your visit with the local tourist office and you won’t be disappointed with the caliber of their local talent.

Since this small town is densely populated by students from the University of Wales, you can choose your own favorite drinking spot from the countless pubs that are scattered throughout the town. And the best part is, beer is quite cheap here compared to other cities and towns in the United Kingdom. To catch a glimpse of the beach and other picturesque views, take a walk in the countryside around Aber all the way to Borth. If you’re looking for more action during your stay, you should try out the different water sports that are available on the beaches. Just be cautious of the famous undertow of the Irish Sea, as it has already claimed numerous lives over the years.

The one thing that probably sets this small town apart from all the other towns and cities in Wales is the fact that Aberystwyth has the most amazing view of the sunset. Come during the summer months and you’ll get a chance to see the stunning view over Cardigan Bay during twilight. Constitution Hill provides the best vantage spots so even though it can take about 15 minutes before you reach the summit, once you get there, you’ll see that it’s worth it.

Although Aberystwyth can be considered as one of the safest towns in the United Kingdom, make sure to take extra precaution during the weekends when a number of drink related violence usually occur.

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