From the Abha Palace Hotel
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Recognized as the capital of Saudi Arabia’s Asir province, Abha is located 7,200 ft. above sea level in the lush mountains of the south-western region of the country. The structure of the houses in this city could be considered as one of its main attractions. They were built by hand and were made of mud and stone. These houses are built in vertical rows and the minor graduation from one level to another seems to cast an impression of curtailed pyramids.

Abha nestles near the National Park of the region and is gifted with a gentle climate unlike other cities in the country. The area is also frequently visited by rains that are sometimes heavy. The climate, which is comparatively cooler than the rest of districts, made Abha a famous destination spot for Saudis especially during the peak of summer. The Saudi government has even promoted the metropolis and has even designed events for the summer such as the Abha Festival. Other affairs were also organized to attract more visitors not just locally but globally. These include sport events, art exhibitions and musical plays staged by popular singers and poets of the country.

In the Asir region, the city of Abha is also hailed as the administrative capital. Government departments are in this district and it serves as the home to the governor of the region. Extensive facilities that cater educational and medical services are also offered by the city. Two of the famous institutions in the country, namely King Khaled University and Prince Sultan College for Hotel Management, are situated in this city too.

What’s more? The headquarters and printing press of one of the major daily newspapers in the country, Al Watan, could also be found in this region. And if you are on for some cultural and historical experience, you could also visit the old Shadda Palace. The palace was built in the 1800s and has now been converted into a museum. To get a better appreciation of the Abha landscape, you could also try riding the cable cars installed along the city and its neighboring areas.

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