Zuma Rock close to Abuja
Photo by: markhillary, Creative Commons

The Abuja city is the capital of Nigeria. Abuja is popular for being Africa’s top function-built city as well as being among the richest and most expensive.

The Central District of Abuja
The Central District of Abuja is the city’s main business area, where almost all multinational companies and parastatals have their offices situated. A beautiful region in the Central District is an area called the Three Arms Zone.

Garki District
Garki District is divided into units that are called “Areas”. The Garki District utilizes a distinct naming standard of “Area” in order to refer to Garki’s parts. These are allocated as Areas 1 until 11. Garki District is currently Abuja’s main business region. Many interesting buildings are situated in this area. A few of them are the Abuja International Conference Centre situated along the active Herbert Maculay Way, General Post Office, Agura Hotel, Old Federal Secretariat Complex Buildings, and the Nicon Luxury Hotel

Wuse District
The Wuse District is divided into Zones 1 to 8. The Wuse market is the major market of Abuja, located at Zone 5. The 2nd most significant post office in Abuja city is situated here.

Maitama District
The Maitama District is the home of the best bracket section of business and society, and possesses the status of being extremely exclusive and very luxurious.

Asokoro District
The Asokoro District, doyen of all districts, possesses all of Abuja’s guest houses or lodges.

Gwarimpa District
The Gwarimpa District has the biggest single housing domain in Nigeria, known as Gwarimpa Housing Estate.

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