Acapulco, Mexico
Photo by: nammer, Creative Commons

Acapulco city is located at Acapulco Bay, where the locals and tourists can enjoy luscious and elegant scenery of the coastal area. Tourists are attracted by the seemingly postcard-perfect beaches. Since the 1950’s, Acapulco has been a world renowned famous vacation destination offering many good times.

The tourist spots offer a variety of different attractions for the many tourists that live there. This is a coastal city, and the main attractions are water sports activities. Quebrada Cliff Divers’ Shows are popular, Taxco Main Drag, Mayan Palace, Isla La Roqueta, Playa Pie de la Cuesta, Fuerte de San Diego, are some of the other popular attractions you can explore and discover. The beautiful scenery will give you the best possible vacation to this coastal city. The many activities you can enjoy include deep sea fishing, snorkeling, a cruise along the Coyuca Lagoon, scuba diving on blue waters, or other highly recommended activities by the locals.

Apart from the activities you can do in this city, exploring the great cuisine of Acapulco can be a very positive experience. Start with one of the most popular and highest rating restaurant called Su Casa. They offer Mexican style seafood within a very romantic ambiance for only $25 to $100. Jovitos, on the other hand, also offers Mexican seafood in addition to some great pasta dishes. Since Acapulco is a coastal city, seafood here is caught fresh daily and tastes good. Another restaurant that is a must-try is Conuco, an Italian restaurant that offers outdoor dining, price range is $15 to $25. Finally, there’s O’Jardim, a Brazilian restaurant that offers a different twist to your dining experience. Make sure you make a reservation ahead of time; the price range is $20 to $25 for dinner.

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