Acapulco Beach 400
Acapulco Sunset
Photo by: Esparta, Creative Commons

The sun, the sand, and the sea – these are just some of the common things any beach-loving vacationer wants in his or her dream destination. In Mexico, there’s one place that definitely gives you those three elements with a special Latin twist – Acapulco. This city that is filled with world-class resorts is just 300 kilometers from Mexico City and is the largest city in the state of Guerrero.

During the last century, Acapulco started its popularity as a tourist destination when it was included in holiday cruise packages during the weekends from the United States, the inner cities of Mexico, and countries in South America. Due to its increased popularity, it began to compete with the country’s premier beach destination, Cancun. Decreased and discounted airfares have also contributed to the increase of tourists in the city, particularly Americans. It has drawn so much popularity in the mid-20th century that it has been referenced in pop culture, for example in Frank Sinatra’s song “Come Fly with Me.”

Nowadays, aside from Cancun, Acapulco has also been a constant featured destination for numerous cruise ship packages touring in the Pacific Ocean. It is a particularly favorite destination for the younger set of American tourists who find the city an ideal locale for their spring break escapades. Many of them have already grown tired of Cancun, so thirst for new and more exciting experiences have lead them to Acapulco.

Visitors are sure to find pleasure in the city’s splendid beaches. They can go island-hopping to Roqueta, which is usually reached by motor boats that have a glass bottom, allowing passengers to see through the bottom of the sea! As Acapulco is a beach destination, water sports facilities are top-class. If you want the glitziest accommodation, the area you would want to explore id the Acapulco Diamante (Diamond Acapulco) zone. Adventure seekers can also go to the La Quebrada Cliffs and watch the world-famous La Quebrada Cliff Divers perform dangerous dives in wild tides and shallow water. When it comes to nightlife, Acapulco also offers the best with clubs such as Classico, Palladium, and Alebrije, Latin America’s largest club.

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