Ad Damazin

Busy Harbor in the Sudan close to Ad Damazin
Photo by: wikimedia, Creative Commons

Ad Damazin is the capital of the Blue Nile State of Southern Sudan, and is another one of its industrial cities. Thanks to irrigation brought about by Rusayris dam, it has the potential to be an agricultural region for the Sudan. Ad Damazin’s industries include sugar refineries, flour mills, and oilseeds. With barely 200,000 people in population, Ad Damazin is connected to key cities by railway lines of its national railway network.

Ad Damazin’s culture is widely scattered as there are a lot of villages in the city as well as nearby towns and other agglomeration of buildings where people are able to live and work. The nearest neighboring cities are Abu Zagholi, Ash Shallal, and Al Khatmiyah. Ad Damazin also has great natural and man made sites to see, particularly the Rysayris (Rosieries) Reservoir. It’s a beauty during the day and even more scenic at night. The Rusayris Dam, the barrier constructed across the reservoir’s stream of water to impound the flow, is also a tourist attraction. Other than that, the hills of Jabal Gargad are incredible to see too. They’re rounded elevations of limited extent, rising above the surrounding mass of land. It has a local relief of less than 300 m. and there you get to see a lot of Tabaldi trees, a large panoramic tree species that has widespread branches and provides a shady canopy.

Another attraction that Ad Damazin boasts the Meteorological station, where weather information is recorded, and the water hole of Al Udda. It’s a natural hole with a small depression that is used by man and animals, especially those from arid areas, to get water from. To complete your tour don’t forget to see the Wadi valleys too.

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