Adelaide Botanic Garden – Sculpted Wave
Photo by: crampy au, Creative Commons

There is perhaps no other place that offers the best wines in Australia than Adelaide. It is home to the country’s best vineyards. Wining and dining, enjoying the nightlife, and basking in the pristine beaches are some of the wonderful things you can enjoy while vacationing in Adelaide. The city is located in South Australia right at the eastern shores of the Gulf of St. Vincent just north of the Fleurieu Peninsula. What was once an area riddled with swamps and marshlands, the city of Adelaide has been transformed into a planned city the only vegetation confined to reserves. For a view of the existing vegetation, visit the Cleland Conservation Park and the Belair National Park.

Adelaide’s cultural scene is largely influenced by British roots. Other European influences likewise are likewise evident in modern Adelaide as immigrants from Germany and other European countries moved into the city. In fact, the vine cuttings from which the vineyards of Barossa Valley started were brought to the city by German Lutherans in 1838. World War II brought an influx of other European influences as other European immigrants from Italy, Greece, Holland, and Poland came to the city. Much of these influences are present in the art scene and festivals of Adelaide. The Adelaide Festival of Arts as well as the Fringe Festival served as breeding grounds for other colorful events usually held in autumn. Ethnic fairs like the Shutzenfest of Germany and the Glendi of Greece are also held in Adelaide. Underscoring the fine wines produced in Adelaide’s vineyards, a food and wine festival dubbed Tasting Australia is held twice a year. At the Adelaide Entertainment Center, you can find a number of small theaters where you can watch artful performances of Adelaide’s varied performing arts groups.

The hot Mediterranean climate of Adelaide makes it a great locale for an outback adventure. A visit to the vineyards around the city would be an interesting way to spend your day. Hike up to the Mount Lofty Ranges and the Adelaide hills for some afternoon physical activity. For a nature trip right in the city’s center, you can visit East End’s Adelaide Botanic Garden and the National Wine Center. Other city treasures you can discover at Adelaide’s center could be found at the cultural institutions along the North Terrace. The Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum, and the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute are just some of the places you can include in your itinerary.

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