Harisa coastline from the peak
Photo by: Eddie Awad, Creative Commons

Experiencing early dawn in Adma is like no other. You will have a chance to glimpse the cityscape covered with mist and to witness how the people in this unique city welcome the new day with so much enthusiasm and sanguinity.

The overwhelming sounds of merchants overcrowding the narrow streets are just like reminiscing the rich history of the place. Moreover, the smiles of the local folks will make you feel more comfortable. Adma undeniably has its own exceptional beauty that tourists around the globe will truly be grateful for.

Your day-to-day schedule is jam-packed with visits to some of the historical landmarks. There are places that are so remarkable that you do not want to shut your eyes away from it even for just a second. You will also discover some noteworthy facts about these landmarks, especially how they fair in the city’s past.

Al Jabal is one of the top tourist’s sites in the city. It is a medium-sized church made from lime bricks. It has a dome at the center and its windows show the simplicity of Lebanese architecture. It houses some of the religious affairs in the city.

The Harisa Mountain serves as a beautiful backdrop of the urban center in Adma. Although there are establishments built around this magnificent mountain, it still remains a natural wonder for many people living in the city; especially that it reminds them of simple living.

The night life in this city may be incomparable to that of the Bahamas or Thailand, but it remains unique in its own terms. A passionate Arab music coupled with a glamorous dance performance is perfect to stir up any beer cheer. There are also live band concerts and theatres in some notable entertainment hotspots of the city.

One of the most memorable experiences you can get from Adma is the dining moments in some of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in the city. Lebanese cuisine is oozing with flavour that you will not stop craving for it. One of the foods that this city is known for is the Lebanese Rice Pudding. It is very rich in vanilla flavor topped with orange marmalade. Another delicious dish is the Baked Kibbeh, which is a spiced ground lamb. This is a favorite food of the locales. Ahweh or the Arabic coffee is also unique in this place and it is oozing with orange blossom and cardamom aroma.

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