Agrigento and Its Ruins in Sicily

Valley of the Temples
Valley of the Temples at Agrigento in Sicily, Italy
Photo by: Sirio, Creative Commons

Agrigento is a  city located in southwest Sicily, Italy. Agrigento is the capital city of the Agrigento Province. It is located near the top of Mediterranean Sea. The city is famous for the ancient museums, Roman ruins and several other archaeological structures. The city is a major tourist attraction and an agricultural market. Altough, in Italy, Agrigento's per capita is the lowest. Agrigento is also called Acragas (Greek) and Kerkent (Arabic). Agrigento means “Valley of the temples”.

One of the main features of Agrigento is its agriculture. The people have adapted different styles in cultivation here. The world’s best strawberries are available here. Apart from its agriculture, the major attraction of Agrigento lies in its ruins.

Important Ruins

Valley of the Temples: Includes 7 ancient building remains. The 7 buildings include: Temple of Juno, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Heracles, Temple of Zeus Olympic, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Temple of Vulcan, and Temple of Asclepius

Castle of Poggio Diana: this castle was built in the 13th century and is home to thirty separate tombs.

Roman Temple of Olympian Zeus: this temple was never fully constructed,  but remained in ruins. This temple is one of the most significant Greek temples.

The fallen Atlas: the fallen Atlas is a part the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The Atlas fell during the time of its construction. Over the years, many people thought of restoring the Atlas, but because of its poor condition, it was left as “fallen”.

Agrigento  was founded around 580 BC. The city was first called Akragas (which means unclear) by the Greek people. The Romans and Carthaginians ruled Agrigento during the 3rd century. The Romans ruled during the period 262 BC and Carthaginians in the period 255 BC. Agrigento was prosperous during the Roman rule. After the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC, the people there were granted Roman citizenship. During  World War II, Agrigento was severely damaged,  including some extensive damages done to the historical buildings and ruins located there.

Traveling to Agrigento
Traveling to Agrigento is very easy because the city is connected to other cities by all major  means of transportation.

By bus:  there are several buses from the nearby towns and villages.
By train: from the Piazza station its about five minutes walk.
By air:  there are several flights from Palermo and Catania airports.

Any trip to the ruins located here would be very culturally and historically enlightening.

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