Ain Sefra

Gateway to the Sahara, Ain Sefra Oasis.
Photo by: http2007, Creative Commons

If you are looking for an exciting yet unique vacation that will truly widen your historic horizons then it’s time you visit the Gateway to the Desert: Ain Sefra, Algeria. Situated where the Atlas Mountains begin their descent into the midst and depth of the Sahara Desert, it’s no wonder why Ain Sefra is the place to be. Nature lovers will enjoy the awe-inspiring view of red sand dunes, and mountainous terrain especially because Ain Sefra itself is roughly 1000 meters above sea level.

It was founded in 1881 as a French garrison town and was rebuilt after a disastrous flash flood in the year 1904. There are several things to do when you are in Ain Sefra. The most popular tourist activities are trekking and mountain climbing. You can also have yourself pulled by a donkey while on a native carriage, or you can just take photographs of the splendid deserts of Ain Sefra and enjoy the silence and peacefulness of the city. For an even more memorable visit, you should go see the tomb of Isabelle Eberhardt, the Russian adventurer who came to explore Ain Sefra and died of the disastrous flash flood. For those who appreciate architecture, Ain Sefra’s downtown has rectangular-like infrastructures, as well as houses that will intrigue your appreciation for unique looking establishments.

If you want a place where you can find a sandy oasis, rocky mountains, and nothing more than the pure and natural sights of the Arabian Peninsula then Ain Sefra says it all.

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