Aitutaki Island

Aitutaki Island
Photo by:
g-hat , Creative Commons

If you’re searching for the most beautiful island lagoon in the world, look no further then Aitutaki in Cook Islands which is considered one of the world’s renowned bodies of water with spectacular islets and coral reefs underneath. This fascinating island is nestled in the center of the South Pacific Ocean with open points to the neighboring mainland. But perhaps the most interesting fact of all triggering interest to prospective visitors is the Aitutaki Island being featured in Survivor Cook Islands television program. Aitutaki Island has been shown to the whole world thru Survivor making it more famous to a lot of people in all parts of the world.

There are many good reasons why Aitutaki Island is a must visit place in Cook Islands and part of those reasons are listed below:

1. The pristine beaches are yours for the taking – You may have gone to many different places where beaches are the main attractions. But wait until you get to Aitutaki Island and see for yourself what untouched, natural, and pristine is really all about. The beaches in this island are excellent for scuba diving and other marine activities you may have in mind. Indeed, this is one swimming and relaxation haven perfect for vacationers wanting to get out of the busy world even for just a few fleeting days.

2. Fascinating atoll and islets – This island has a lot of different islets and coral reefs that makes swimming and diving more pleasurable. If you want to get a close look of what’s underneath the blue crystal waters, then you shouldn’t let scuba diving activity come to pass.

3. Many different accommodations and spa options – And, these are all within arm’s reach. Hotels range from 5 stars to beach huts, so you’ll have a wide variety of choices when it comes to inns and lodges. Food, flea markets, and night life are other enjoyable activities to experience in Aitutaki Island.

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