Sunset at 11 P.M.
Photo by: moohaha, Creative Commons

On a clear day, Akranes, Iceland can be seen from Reykjavik, across the blue sea. It has a population of around 6, 000, which is considerably higher than other fishing towns in the country – a fact that can be attributed to the recent industrialization which has provided employment options to Icelanders. The thing is, one of the reasons why this town is such a great place is the people who live in it. The people of Akranes are vibrant and sporty.

When you visit Akranes, Iceland, you would be surprised at the wealth of options that the town can offer. You can go to the beach for a relaxing stroll and a breath of sea air. You can also visit the lighthouse and witness an awesome, sweeping vista. You can visit museums such as the Museum of Icelandic Stones, the Folk Museum and the Hvalfjordur bay tunnel museum. If you visited the town for some peace, you can take a walk at the wooded area close to the folk museum. There are also beautiful forests in the vicinity.

You can also go to the nearby Akrafjall Mountain. This mountain is more than just something to look at. While it provides attractive scenery, it is also a great place for someone who likes the outdoors. Take a hiking trip to the top and enjoy the unforgettable view.

In Akranes, Iceland, you can enjoy all the scenic sights that the country has to offer without compromising comfort. There are excellent year-round hotels, restaurants, shops and various services. There is also an 18-hole golf-course for those who want to have non-strenuous fun.

Providing a mix of urban and not-so-urban pleasures, Akranes, Iceland is one great place to visit.

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