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In the summer, temperature in Akureyri, Iceland can get higher than Reykjavik’s, at times reaching 20C, although during the rest of the year, it is generally colder as it is situated in the north. However warm in could get in the summer, mountains remain snow-capped, making it an excellent skiing destination. Not only that, the ski slopes are only 5 kilometers away from the town.

Town Attractions

Akureyri, Iceland might not be the largest city in the country, but it is deemed the ‘cultural capital’. It boasts of reputable restaurants, a folk museum, an aviation museum, a national history museum and museums in the homes of famous Icelanders such as John Sveinson. Tourists also usually include the church of Akureyri and the church of Glera in their itinerary. In the summer, festivals abound, such as the medieval festival.

One thing you cannot afford to miss when visiting Akureyri is a visit to the Botanical Gardens, which is home to some 2000 species of flora, 400 of which are native – proof that despite its location, Akureyri has a rather agreeable climate.


There are plenty of great hiking trails in Akureyri, Iceland. You can hike along the road around the western bank of the Eyjafjordur fjord. You can also take a walk from a parking lot near Brunna, along some old road. Cross all old bridges, pass a deserted farm, and walk until some riding track until you reach a place where you can have cakes or coffee. If you are more adventurous, bring a pick and cleats along and go ice climbing, with the ski resort in Akureyri as a starting point.


You can go to the Árgskógssandur harbour, some 20 kilometers away from Akureyri to get to the island of Hrisey, which is a good site for bird-watching and easy island walks. You can also go to Grimsey by boat or by plane if you want to observe interesting bird life. Ninety kilometers away is Lake Mývatn, another excellent bird-watching and hiking site.

This may not be the definitive guide to Akureyri, Iceland; but these should help you make your Iceland adventure a memorable one.

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