Al Ain

Zoo in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Photo by: kiwi, Creative Commons

Al Ain, United Arab emirates is located in Abu Dhabi. The name Al Ain or Al Ayn literally means “spring.” This is called the garden city of Abu Dhabi because it has more greenery compared to the other United Arab Emirate cities. This is a popular place because this is where the first president of UAE was born.

If you want to visit Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, you should know the best places to see. Check out the list below to know what the top tourist destinations in Al Ain are.

• Whether you are travelling with your family, friends, or by yourself, visiting the Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium is a great experience. It is huge and has one of the largest collections of animals. The zoo also breeds endangered species.
• After your visit to the zoo, you should also check out the Jebel Hafeet. It was given the title as the “best driving road in the world.” What makes it the best driving road is the road itself with several amazing twists and turns and also the view. You can see the UAE and Omani border while driving because this road is elevated since it is actually a mountain.
• You should also not miss the Al Ain Aerobatics Show which is held every year. While the pilots are doing aerobatics, a commentator explains what is going on. It is very thrilling to see the synchronized moves of the airplanes in the sky.

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