Al Fujairah

City of Al Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Photo by: MOHAMMAD ALATTAR, Creative Commons

The United Arab Emirates is a desert country but it also has several mountain areas, one called Al Fujairah. Al Fujairah is one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. And because it is mountainous, it also has a higher annual rainfall. It is the second least populated emirate in the country.

You should also visit Al Fujairah because it has several great tourist destinations. Here are some of the places that you must see.

• You should try snorkelling at the beach near the Sandy Beach Motel. The marine life underwater is amazing. There are corals, fish, turtles, and other marine life all in a beautiful rainbow of colors. You will be amazed when you see them right in front of your eyes.
• You should also go shopping at the Souq al Juma or more popularly known as the Masafi Friday Market. You can buy several stuffs in this market place such as rugs, antiques, souvenirs, and earthenware. You can buy you souvenirs that you can bring to your friends and family.
• You should also take a look at the Hajjar Mountains. These mountains separate Al Fujairan form the rest of UAE. The scene is breathtaking, especially when you see the canyons.
• If you think camel racing is the only spectator sport that you can watch which involves animals, you are wrong. Another fun activity to watch in Fujairah is the bullfighting event. This is a fight between two bulls without any matadors. Some people will think it is too violent but it is a unique sport nonetheless.

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