Al Kot

Al Kot, Iraq or Al-Kūt in Arabic and also Kut-Al-Imara or Kut El Amara is a city in the eastern part of Iraq. It is specifically located on the south east and about 100 miles form Baghdad. It is also in the left bank of the river Tigris. The Tigris River being one of the most known rivers to make up Mesopotamia.

Some people regard Al Kot as an island because it is too close to the shore. However, even with a sharp U-shape that bends right on the river, it is not an island. It is however the capital of the province so if you go there, there would be a lot of hotels and restaurants wherein you can stay and eat. The place now is actually called Wasit and there are about 374,000 people living in the area.

One great place in Al Kot would have to be the Baghdad Nuclear Research Facility. You can find this near the Yellow Cake Factory in Tuwaitha. This place is loaded with all the remnants of the nuclear reactors that was used by Israel (1981) and United States of America (1991) to attack Al Kot.

Apart from having a great vacation here, you will also find the carpets in Al Kot interesting. Al Kot is actually known as the regional center if you would want to sell and buy or simply trade carpets. There is also a lush area where cereal grain is grown. Al Kot is definitely one interesting place to visit.

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