Al Ubayyid

Farafra Oasis
Photo by: RuckSackKruemel, Creative Commons

If you wish to see a lot of travelling camels, then it’s time to visit the important transportation hub of Sudan: Al Ubayyid. It’s the capital of the North Kurdufan State of Central Sudan and it’s the terminus of a rail line. As a transportation hub it’s a also a junction of various roads and camel caravan routes, and the end of a pilgrim course from Nigeria.

This city is occupied with more Muslims than Christian citizens and is also a market for cattle, gum Arabic, oilseed and Dura (Indian millet), a famous crop among agricultural regions in all of Sudan. Al Ubayyid lies on a sandy, scrub-covered plateau at an elevation of 570 meters. So you can only imagine the view from there. It’s encircled with a forest reserve that alleviates dust storms. Although geographically challenged, Al Ubayyid has interesting tourist attractions and grand infrastructures such as the University of Kordofan, a Logistics Base of United Missions in Sudan, and a Sudanese oil refinery. Other fine attractions include the Al-Ubayyid Cathedral and the old Al Ubayyid Cinema.

Tourists will enjoy trekking and doing bust tours around the city to see desert areas or visit the famous Wadi Al-Ubayyid Cave. The city also boasts of wonderful oases that are awe-inspiring and will catch the attention of those with cameras. The Farafra Oasis in particular is a favourite among tourists. For an even more extensive tour, you should visit the Kordofan Museum, The Souq, Victory Park (for night life), and El Ain. El Ain is where the city’s great reservoirs are.

The Funduq Al-Lubnaan (Lebanon Hotel) offers great accommodations like most of the Al-Ubayyid Hotels. And as it shouldn’t be forgotten, Asida, the local specialty, should be tasted before leaving the city.

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