Ala Moana Beach Park

Dusk at Ala Moana
Photo by: madman00, Creative Commons

As if its natural beaches were not enough, Hawaii is also home to a man-made shore between Waikiki and . This place is so widely visited by visitors each year and offers the same relaxing ambiance and great summer experience as that of the natural shorelines of the state. This is none other than the Ala Moana Beach Park on Oahu Island.

Ala Moana Beach is open to the public and may be visited for free. its total land area is 100 acres with the shore measuring more than half a mile or 800 meters long. The entire beachfront is covered in golden sands, which is in reality-dredged earth dumped there by the Dillingham Dredging Company in the 1952. Back then the dredging company did not know where to dispose of their dredged earth and so they placed it all in the park creating the lovely beach.

Ala Moana is also well known for its calm waters, which make it a great swimming spot for little children and long-distance swimmers. However, the beach’s ocean bottom quickly drops so swimming beginners are advised to take extra caution. Make sure that you have a professional or experienced swimmer exploring the area with you in case anything happens. But if ever there is no experienced swimmer around to accompany you, there are lifeguards in the area to look after the safety of the swimmers.

A huge part of the park is covered in banyan trees, palm trees and grass, making it a nice area for picnics with family and friends. Grill barbecue and burgers while enjoying the beautiful scenery. You may also play all sorts of ballgames for the enjoyment of the kids and adults alike. Run around playing tag or simply gather around to share stories. Every moment spent in Ala Moana will be times to be remembered.

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