Alaqadari Daman

Do you want to get the best out of your vacation time? Then spend it in a place where you can find lounge and leisure at the same time. One of these places is in Alaqadari Daman, Afghanistan that can offer you with picturesque view of mountain ranges and valleys, as well as excitements and surprises from various activities you can do in this city.

There are marvellous sites to see in this place. Some of them can be considered as true gifts of nature, while others are ingenious products of Afghani creativity. Some of the best places you can visit in Alaqadari Daman, Afghanistan are the ruins of fortresses and base camps used during the war centuries ago. You will notice in these ruins the detailed patterns carved on the stones and the flamboyant arch designs.

The mosque is the next spot on your list. Here, you will see the colorful tile work and some paintings and sculptures of famous Afghani artist in the city. Moreover, you will witness here how the local culture embrace and preserve the Islam religion through their practices and norms.

There are also national parks. You can have a walk in these spots or chill out with a picnic basket together with your family and friends. You can even play some games of chess or Chinese checkers, or totally relax your mind by listening to calm music under the shade of the tree.

A tour in Alaqadari Daman, Afghanistan will not be complete if you do not go shopping in some of the local bazaars in the city. You can purchase various products, such as glass wares, gold jewelries, potteries, statuettes, handmade carpets, brass wares, and many more.

Your trip to this city will be a worthwhile experience you will never forget. So do the most of your time to relax while you are here.

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