Alaskaland Pioneer Park

Cabins in pioneer park
Photo by: jkbrooks85, Creative Commons

Pioneer Park was built during the 1967 Centennial Exposition in Alaska. Most people have this misconception about the park being like Disneyland and other theme parks with a lot rides. The Alaskaland Pioneer Park in Fairbanks in not your ordinary theme park. It is a park which is teaches things about Alaska and its rich culture and history. Apart from learning, a visit to the park is surely fun for everyone of any age.

The area is so large that the children of any age will enjoy it. The can run and play freely and still get to see the beauty of nature. The park itself has no admission fee, so you can get to enjoy the whole beauty of the park without having to spend. If, on the other hand, you would want to see more and not just settle in roaming around the park, you can always enter museums which have reasonable entrance fees.

If you want to experience an even more enjoyable experience in the park, make sure to call in before going to check if there are special activities and when is it going to be. It is open year round so you will not have to worry about not having enough time to go and visit the park.

Aside from the park and the museums you can visit, you will also get the chance to try their famous all you can eat meal like the Alaskan Salmon Bake. When you finally get tired of roaming and walking around the park and the museums, you will surely be satisfied with the most delicious and reasonable meal you can eat in Alaska. Make sure to bring your cameras to capture the fun moments you shared with your family or friends in this beautiful park.

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