Alberobello's Trulli 400
Alberobello ARC Trulli shops
Photo by: Verity Cridland, Creative Commons

Step on to Alberobello and it will seem as if you have instantly shrunken into an elf with the quaint little houses that are reminiscent of fairytale images. The white houses, which have their distinctive cone shaped roofs, can easily bring out the child in you. Children who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these charming houses delightfully point at it with traces of disbelief in their eyes. And once you feel the undeniable myriad of excitement and child like wonder, then you know that you have just truly arrived at Alberobello.

These magical houses are called “trulli”, one reason for Alberobello’s claim to fame. The trulli are circular, and fashioned out of limestone blocks. The origins on why the structures were made this way is debatable to this time, but the mystery doesn’t rob the town of any of its charm nonetheless. The town is small and all major points of interests can easily be accessed through walking. You can have your share of their best local fare at a number of restaurants that are open to the public throughout the day. And for a real treat, why not stay in a trullo for a night for a totally unique experience.

Come to Alberobello for the summer months and indulge yourself in the number of different festivities that you will be able to catch. It’s a charming place for both locals and foreigners alike and will bring delight to all ages. Just don’t forget to take a piece of the magic with you home by purchasing your own version of the trullo from the many gift shops that surround the main plaza. At the end of the day, Have a glass of their finest wine and make a toast to the charm of such a fairytale scene that would otherwise only exist on a movie set.

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