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The city of Albufeira is in the municipality of Faro in the region of Algarve located at the southernmost area of Portugal. With a population of 13 thousand people, the city typically accommodates 300 thousand people during peak seasons of tourist visits. Albufeira has luxury hotels, apartment complexes, bars and resorts that offer amenities and accommodation to the many visitors who frequent the sunny beach area.

Thriving on economy which depend both on tourism and commerce, the Albufeira is the place to go when one is on the Algarve region and looking for a great spot to hangout during the night and go bar hopping or dining in restaurants. The active lifestyle and entertainment area is along the Montechoro dubbed as The Strip where the famous bars and other attractions for entertainment are located.

There are numerous beaches one can choose from when one is in Albufeira. These include the Gale, Coelha, Sao Rafael, Castelo, Vigia, Falesia and others. The Gale is a long beach that goes on for many kilometers and has many tourist amenities. Coelha has many rock formations while Sao Rafael and Vigia are also known for the wonderful layout of the rocks. The Falesia on the other hand is a great contrast because of the green pines.

Numerous tourist spots and places of interest are located within the city. The Our Lady of Good Journey is made during the 16-17th century and is of baroque style. The place where the church is situated is a great spot for bird watching. Another place of interest is the Guia, a historic village and the main church of the city with beautiful altar and statutes worth visiting.

As for the food, Albufeira serves superb and fresh seafood dishes bought daily from the local fishermen. Luxury hotels and restaurants do serve varying dishes ranging from the European, Western and Asian menus because of their professional chefs, though it is recommended that one try the regional dishes served by local restaurants catering authentic Albufeira dishes.

From sunny and warm beaches, great historical sites, sports, leisure and food, Albufeira has everything so consider visiting the city to enjoy what it has to offer.

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