The city of Aleppo
Photo by: watchsmart, Creative Commons

Do you know where Aleppo is? If you don’t then do not worry because you are not alone. In fact, there are quite a few people who are not aware that an actual place like that exists on Earth. Now the question is, does the city deserve anonymity?

The answer is no. This is mainly because it is a place that is rich in almost everything – from historical sites, to culture and even religious structures. So if you want to put an end to your ignorance about Aleppo, here are some facts that you need to know and sites that you should see if you are given the opportunity.

Aleppo is the second largest city in the whole of Syria. It is also said to be the most inhabited and one of the busiest place in the city. But despite the modern infrastructures that are scattered around the place, the government has managed to preserve a lot of ancient sites that have existed centuries ago.

One of the well – known ancient ruins can be found is St. Simeon. A lot of people frequent the place to marvel at what’s left of the four churches that are laid out to form a huge cross. In the middle of the cross is the Stylite’s pillar that St. George used to stand on whenever he addressed the crowd. During its time, the pillar alone was said to tower over 25 meters in height.

One other remarkable site in Aleppo is the Citadel. This small city guarded by huge walls used to be a fortress that guarded its citizens from Mogul and other crusaders. In the city, you can still find shops and other facilities like grain storage and water cisterns that are meant to keep the people thriving inside the city walls. In a word, this city can be described as medieval.

Recognizing its significance, UNESCO has heralded the Citadel as one of the World Heritage Sites.
Now if you are someone who always appreciated mosques then you may want to visit the Al Qiqan Mosque. Just like other structures in Syria, this mosque is special because it was built in the foundations of a Hittite temple which was built in 14th century BC.

Hopefully those facts and sites gave you a clear idea what the city is about. Note however that those do not comprise everything that you have to know and see. Once you get there, you will find that there is more to discover in Aleppo as you go along.

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