Algarve in Portugal
Photo by:pereiraalexandre20 , Creative Commons

Algarve is located in the southernmost part of Portugal and has an area of about 5 thousand square kilometers. It has a population of 4 hundred thousand people and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal. This is probably due to the fine weather ideal for water sports as well as golfing thanks to the hills that shield the place from extreme winds. Algarve is now quite easily accessible thanks to the Algarve airport. During summers, the population almost doubles due to many visitors who would like to taste the wonderful charm offered by Algarve.

Aside from tourism being the source of economic progress, the region is also a major agricultural source being both a crop producer and seafood source for the country. Figs, carob beans, almonds as well as oranges are some of the agricultural products grown in the area.

The region’s geography is very hilly with post card perfect grottos and limestone caves which can be visited using powerboats. Islands as well as islets are likewise accessible to tourists. Visitors will be most welcome with world class resorts and luxury hotel spas which attract many tourists annually. Aside from high class hotels, others can opt to stay at guest house villas operated both by the locals and people of different nationalities who chose to purchase properties in the region due to lower cost of living and the Mediterranean climate.

For those who would like to indulge themselves in dining adventures, Algarve has many delicious cuisines and delicacies to offer its tourists. From international cuisines offered by the luxury hotels and restaurants to the local dishes, one can choose from different foods offered by the place. Must try dishes include seafood options such as oreno snails, clams, grilled Lagos style octopus and clams. The pastries are also well known ranging from figs to marzipan delicacies. Wines from Tavira and Lagos are exceptional. Algarve’s love for food is shown in the many festivals and happenings dedicated to its crops.

Algarve is definitely the ultimate tourist destination for those who would like to unwind and enjoy their vacation. One can never go wrong with visiting Algarve.

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