Alta Petroglyphs
Photo by: jurek d., Creative Commons

Norway is a great country to visit because of its peaceful environment and remarkable tourist destinations. But what makes this country stand out in Europe is on of its city that possesses some of its extraordinary historical heritage and natural wonders.

Alta, takes pride for being that city. It has with it a complete package of scenic spots and pleasurable activities. You can never missed out fun when you are in this place because everywhere you go and everything you do is something you will value forever.

Here are some marvellous places that you need to discover in Alta:

Altaelva River

An elegant body of water that runs between two canyons. This site will blow your stress away because everything in it is so natural and tranquil. You can even try sailing in the river to be acquainted more with nature.

Alta Rock Carvings

These remarkable pieces of art tell stories of the early civilizations in Norway, especially the Komsa culture. These carvings are well-preserved and the entire place was perfectly designed with Stone Age theme to captivate you more.

The City Center

For more urban pleasure, this place offers you with the best of Norwegian fine dinning and shopping experience. You will be amazed with the delicious seafood dishes and well-crafted souvenir items.


Back to natural wonders in Alta, this place is something to cherish. It has a good view of small mountain ranges that is covered with green grasses and lies along the coastline. A picture-perfect site when you go boating around the city.

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