Amboseli Game Reserve

Amboseli Game Reserve – Elephants gathering
Photo by: nijaba, Creative Commons

Amboseli means “dust” in Swahili translation. After all, the trip to Kenya’s Amboseli Game Reserve is very dusty as the wheels of buses and trucks send them flying. But wait! Don’t get discouraged because the trip to this reserve is one of the most breathtaking and rewarding.

The swamps in this region attract several species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Altogether, they make a spectacular wildlife viewing experience.

This is a National Park, which stretches some 8000 square kilometers. It is a biodiversity rich region across the Tanzania-Kenyan border. It is located 260 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital. It is accessible by land ride or by plane through the Amboseli Airport.

Like the Masai Mara Reserve, the Amboseli Game Reserve is a haven for freely roaming animals. It is home to hundreds of bird species, monkeys, baboons, giraffes, lions, hyenas and cheetahs. There are hundreds of zebras and herds of wildebeests too. There are also many of the rare cape buffaloes. A particularly rewarding experience is to watch the elephants feed and rest in the fields.

Being in the savannah is greatly different from seeing these animals in zoos. Here, you can witness how ecosystem and the food chain work. You can watch as lions wait and pounce to their preys—at a distance, of course.

The Amboseli Park shares the same climate with western Kenya. Its temperature may drop to 15 degrees Celsius at night and reach 35 degrees at noon. Within the area, visitors can stay in the Tortilis Camp, the Amboseli Serena Lodge or the Ol Tukai Lodge. They can also mingle with the warm Masai people, taste their cuisines and dance with their music.

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