California Adventure Sun Wheel at night in Anaheim
Photo by: LordBleen, Creative Commons

Anaheim, California is one of the cities that make up Orange County. Many have the impression that Anaheim is a rural area. They could never be more wrong. On the contrary, Anaheim is the richest and largest city in Orange County. It is also one of the most rapidly developing cities in California. Its central location makes it accessible to many and an ideal place for a vacation.

Anaheim was founded by Americans of German descent in 1857, as it was intended to be a cooperative agricultural community. Before, citrus and walnut groves decorated its vast landscape. Today, it is known for various industries such as plastic products, consumer goods, computer and electrical equipment, and many others. Today, it is still popular for its citrus fruits production. It is also a popular convention destination. The Anaheim Convention Centre is the venue for many international conferences and events.

Anaheim’s most important industry is tourism. Ever since Disneyland opened and started its operation in 1959, it became the city’s major employer. Other visitor attractions include the Anaheim Canyon Business Park, which is the largest industrial district in Orange County as well as the Anaheim Resort and the Anaheim Hills. Other popular destinations include the Arrowhead Pond, the Sun theatre, Aquarium of the Pacific, as well as the House of Blues. Shopping is also an enjoyable experience in Anaheim. Local products and as well as some of the world’s notable brands can be found in at least one of these shopping areas: Anaheim Indoor Marketplace, The Block at Orange, and the Anaheim Plaza Shopping Centre.

Festivals are common in this city. If you want to make most out of your visit, you could schedule your arrival during any of these festivities. There’s Cinco de Mayo and Greek Festival every May; Halloween festival in October; and Nutcracker Festival in December. Merriment is a sure way to give you a taste of the city’s rich culture.

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