Coastline in Analalava
Photo by: wricontest, Creative Commons

Analalava is a town in north-western Madagascar which is also close to another beautiful country, Mozambique. Although the town has its own airport, schooling which offers primary and secondary education, and a court system and hospitals, the citizens of the town still do not forget the rich culture that their ancestors have passed on to them.

What makes Analalava a great town to visit, other than the hospitable people, would be the shores that proudly display the beautiful blueness of the sea, accompanied by its calmness and soothing atmosphere that is quite a good spot for relaxation. There are several resorts by the coastline, so tourists should have no problem finding one for their vacation needs.

The main occupation for most people in town is fishing, while others farm and raise livestock. Barns and farms will be a common sight for tourists, which all create the beautiful landscape that only Analalava can offer.

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