The Famous Tomato Frog in Andevoranto, Madagascar
Photo by: sallypics , Creative Commons

Madagascar is definitely one of those places that every tourist should visit as least once in their lifetime. Even though the country has been growing and developing in terms of infrastructure and economy, they still don’t forget to take care of their natural resources.

The citizens in the area keep their culture alive regardless of the new developments. For one, they have resisted the complete transformation of their area as proven by the wildlife the town still has. One of the animals that must be seen by tourists would have to be the Tomato Frog.

The tomato frog, as its name suggests, is a kind of frog that deviates from its usual color. When these frogs feel danger, it bloats its body and secretes a gummy-like substance that is aimed at the predator’s mouth and eyes. Although these frogs may cause allergic reactions to humans, they are not life-threatening and are quite nice to see in their habitat.

Besides animals, Andevoranto is also home to the most hospitable citizens in the land. They offer excellent accommodations to tourists. Their houses’ structures, moreover, are unique yet same in a way that they keep this unified theme of their culture but each of these houses still differentiates itself from the others.

Andevorante is definitely a sight to behold. It is quite amazing to know that there are still places on Earth that are untouched by modernization.

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