Anegada Island

Beautiful sunset in Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands.

Photo by: ktylerconk , Creative Commons

Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands is an interesting island not only because of its beauty and grandeur but also because of the legends and myths that surround it. The Spanish name “Anegada” literally means “drowned land.” This is because the island is sometimes “drowned” by the high waters tat surround it.

The island is also famous for pirate tales and aboriginal stories. Many people say that pirates used to go to Anegada Island t hide their treasures. Some even believe that there are treasures hidden underwater that are yet to be found. The proof of this story is the 200 shipwrecks that surround the island. Popular story is that aboriginal people used to inhabit the island. The proof is the huge piles of conch shells in the island that can only be formed by humans.

As a tourist, you will find the shipwrecks and piles of conch shells amazing, especially after hearing the stories and legends about them. Aside from these, you will also enjoy the great beaches like the Cow Wreck Beach, Bones Bright, and Flash of Beauty. In these beaches, the sand is pearly white and the water is turquoise blue. The island itself is an emerald green—a great splash of colors that will take your breath away.

Another amazing thing about Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands is that it is surrounded by the great Horseshoe Reef, one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The island also has wonderful natural spots like the mangrove swamps, saltwater ponds, freshwater springs, and the mud flaps where you can see colourful species of island birds.

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