Aniwa is a small island in the southernmost point of the Tafea Province. Rising merely 42 meters above sea level, the island is actually a raised coral atoll island. In the northwest, you can find the Itcharo Lagoon that is open to sea.

Aniwa has five main islands: Itamotou, Isavai, Imale, Ikaokao, and Namsafoura. The main village Ikaokao is located in the southern area of the island.

The island is a Polynesian outlier. Its current inhabitants were originally from Samoa, people from the Wallies and Futuna group as compared to Melanesian people from other nearby islands. There is however much inter-marriage with Tanna over several generations. The inhabitants of the islands speak Futunan.

Things to See and Do

Aniwa is a place that offers you a lot of things to do and it’s all up to you. This place is for people who crave adventure.

Diving – the archipelago has one of the most accessible dive sites in the South Pacific. The warm harbor, coral reefs, shipwrecks, drop offs and caves make diving an unforgettable experience. Diving in Vanuatu provides excellent visibility all year round. Snorkelling is also another fun activity to do, since the rich playground of coral reefs and abundant marine life is present all over Vanuatu’s coastal waters.

Wildlife – go sightseeing and check the country’s beautiful butterflies, exotic birds and other more exotic animals. Go on a nature tour, bird watching or go on a bush adventure.

Volcanoes – You can visit the Mt. Yasur Volcano and walk to the crater to view its multiple vents. You will enjoy visiting it at night when you can see the fountains of erupting ash, glowing bright red against the black and starry sky.

Sea activities – one has almost unlimited possibilities to do when at the Vanuatu sea: go fishing, sailing, sightseeing, snorkelling, swimming, cave tours and more. The beaches are one of the finest found in the South Pacific! They also have magnificent black sand beaches on some volcanic islands, definitely worth a visit.

Culture – Check the islands’ diverse cultures by visiting the Vanuatu Cultural Center & Museum, where they have the interesting Custom Village Tour. Get to know the natives from the different islands as well as their art objects, rituals, dance and more.

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