Anit Kabir Mausoleum – Ankara
Photo by: Alaskan Dude, Creative Commons

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. It is located at the upper northwest area of the country. It is the second largest city next to Istanbul. It houses the Turkish Government and is an important center of commercial and industrial activities. It’s an ever-changing city in terms of the most favoured hotspots. It’s a modern historical city with a blend of everyday activities.
The city is situated in a steep rocky hill in the center of Anatolia. It rises 850 above sea level. Despite its location its land is quite fertile. Historically it was noted to be an important trading in the caravan route until the 19th century. Because of its strategic location during the war, it was declared as the new Turkish republic on 1932.

Ankara is a bustling city. Getting around is much easier and worry-free if you take the local transportation. There are available city buses that stop at major areas. There are two lines of underground train that run from 6:15am to 11:45pm daily. Taxis are also an option for easier travel. Climate in the city is continental. It has hot to dry summers and cold, snowy winters.

The landscape of Ankara is very interesting with the existence of Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman civilization ruins. These archaeological sites are interesting places to visit too, when in Ankara.

The Ankara Citadel is the oldest area in the city. Inside the citadel are several restored Turkish houses that were transformed into restaurants. They serve local cuisine and provide a traditional ambiance. There’s also the Roman Theatre that still exists where its seating area is being renovated. The Roman Bath is also an interesting area where there are different rooms for baths. Today, its basement and first floor remain.

Mosques are also dominant in Ankara. They are beautiful religious structures that were mostly constructed during the 12th to 18th centuries. Some of these are the Aladdin mosque, Ahi Evlan & Haci Bayram mosques in the Ulus quarter, and Kocatepe mosque which are the largest and notable mosque in the city.
Ankara also has a variety of interesting museums and parks within the city.

Favourite shopping areas are found in the old shops in the Weavers Road near Ulus. Cafe culture is well known in Ankara and provides most of the life within the streets.

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