Annaba Bay
Photo by: Sandervalya, Creative Commons

Among Algeria’s cities, this is the one that’s often visited by French and Italian tourists. Annaba, Algeria is the fourth largest city of the country, located on the northeastern area of the state and is well known for its fine beaches and great family nightlife. Annaba, formerly known as Hippo Regius, is easy to visit as it has its own international airport, the Rabah Bitat Airport, and also rail links towards Algiers, the country’s capital. Lodging is great here no matter how much you can afford.

Annaba offers a European atmosphere, as it was a favourite among the French colonialist. And that explains the erection of the basilica of St. Augustine, one of the finest attractions to travellers in this city. The very picturesque church is in honour of Augustine who was a bishop in the region from 396 to 430 A.D. Annaba’s sizeable educational institution which is also a must see is the Annaba University, with about 50,000 students enrolled. Annaba is also a center for industry and commerce as it main port for mineral export in Algeria and it also exports iron, zinc and steel.

You cannot leave Annaba without walking on the Green Main Street, also known as Cours de la Revolution, as it represents French influence on Annaba city. The Green Main Street has a vibrant afternoon as well as an active nightlife. If you’re here for the food too, Annaba city offers delectable cuisine with a combination of both Arabian and European taste to tease you palate and satisfy your hunger. In Annaba, Algeria, you’ll surely enjoy a multi-cultured tour.

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