Düden Falls – a waterfall in Antalya, Turkey
Photo by: mdid, Creative Commons

Antalya is a city in the southwest part of Turkey in the Mediterranean coast. It consists of long sunny beaches, historical sites, narrow winding streets, palm-lined boulevards, and Turkey’s finest restaurants. Antalya is also called Adalia or Attalia in the previous times. Its terrain is quite unique for being in the coastal cliffs and surrounded by mountains. It’s also known as the gateway of ‘Turkish Riviera’ since 1960s. The Turkish Riviera or Turquoise Coast is a famous area for archaeological sites.

Antalya has obviously a Mediterranean climate. Most months consist of sunny days and winters are usually rainy. Getting to Antalya is best done through air and land travel. Antalya has a small but busy airport which is10km from the east of the city center. It is located along the Alanya highway. Bus terminals located 4km north of the city center, and are also available for getting to and from the city.

Kaleiçi is its famous historical center. It is also called the Old Antalya. This place is a reflection of an influenced transition by its Roman, Byzantine, Turkish, and then Ottoman inhabitants. It’s the best place to experience Antalya’s culture. It has inns, inexpensive pension houses, boutiques, historical landmarks, and dining places with an old-time ambiance. Its historical restoration has won the Golden Apple Tourism Prize.

Old Antalya charms are seen by its cobbled streets lined with Greek and Turkish houses. Inside Kaleçi is a well preserved Ottoman quarters. This area provides a beautiful view of the Bey Mountains and the Roman harbour. There are many entrances in going to Kaleçi but Kalekapisi is the most convenient way. If you prefer a more scenic and historical entrance, use the Hadrian’s Gate.

The Hadrian Gate is another point of interest in Antalya. This is the remaining structure of the defensive stonewall. It’s a monumental triple-arched entrance, detailed with decorative marble columns and coffered ceiling arches. It was patterned on the Roman Triumphal Arch.

The beaches of Antalya are famous for the blue flag lined shores. These beaches provide a picturesque view of the sea and the pine filled mountain of Taurus. Other nature highlights are also to be enjoyed in Antalya. There’s the Lower Düden Waterfalls that goes straight into the sea. The National Park provides camping grounds and a nature and wildlife museum.

Antalya is also famous for its signature cuisine. It’s a typical Mediterranean dish with olive oil mixed with Piyaz, spicy hibeş, cumin & tahini, and other special ingredients. Grida or Mediterranean white grouper is a common fish found in their local dishes.

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