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Antalya Coastline
Photo by:, Creative Commons

Located on the Mediterranean coast in Southwestern Turkey, Antalya is one charming city that boasts of breathtaking cliffs and mountains. This city’s picturesque landscapes have made this a perfect spot for visitors with discerning taste.

Antalya is one city that is steeped in a rich history. Through time, it has been called a handful of names; these are Attalia, Andalya, Satalia, and Andalya. During the ancient times, there were several attempts to conquer this city. The plans to capture the area are only testaments that the city is one rich place. The strategic location of the city—which later became a harbor for commerce—was also one huge factor for such attempts.

These days, Antalya is enjoying tranquility. The sun shines here most days of the year, thus making this the ideal destination for those who seek ideal weather. Being a city on the coast, travelers can enjoy frolicking in the beaches. Quite a number of these beaches enjoy a Blue Flag citation, which means that they exhibit ideal environmental conditions.

While most travelers would enjoy their time at the beach by sun bathing by the shore or taking a dip in the refreshing waters, there are so many other things that travelers can do in Antalya. Other water activities like water skiing and wind surfing are also offered here. Moreover, sailing is another activity that would keep travelers busy.

Aside from spending time at the beach, travelers can also explore the slopes. Here, the adventurous ones can go mountain climbing to appreciate the wondrous surroundings of the area. Come March and April, travelers can also go skiing in the slopes of the city. Historical sites are also great places to visit here. Visiting ruins of ancient structures would make travelers understand the history of this place.

Antalya will surely spoil any visitor, as the city also offers sumptuous food, comprising mostly of fresh seafood. Whether visitors come here seeking relaxation or adventure, this city has something for everyone.

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