Fishermen in Antananarivo
Photo by: wricontest, Creative Commons

Coming to Antananarivo, Madagascar is a dream come true for many tourists. The rich culture is not only seen through the hospitable citizens of the town, but through the city itself. It is amazing to see how the people were able to re-build the steep and rough landscape to something that is as beautiful as it is now.

There are many interesting landmarks that tourists might want to see during their visit here, but there is actually one spot that is very special that everyone should see – The Sacred Hills.

The Sacred Hills is one of the most sought-after spots in Antananarivo. With 12 hills in a row, this natural haven for people and animals alike is a very beautiful place. UNESCO has identified The Sacred Hills as a World Heritage Site – a proof of its stellar beauty.

Only 50,000 inhabitants settled here during earlier times, then the population swelled to nearly 2 million and counting. Tourists will definitely enjoy traversing the roads and buildings in Antananarivo, especially that the city itself is a modernized version of an adventure maze – streets that are steep and has slopes, stairways that are ubiquitous yet very challenging, houses that bear the tradition of the people and the strength of the sun that makes the whole city look like heaven on Earth.

Antananarivo is definitely one of the places that everyone on Earth should visit, given that everyone has the time and money to do it.

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