Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala
Photo by:
Mike Murga
, Creative Commons

Antigua Guatemala has always been one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Latin America. A proof of its tourist-wise stellar power would be the fact that it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not only does this city in the beautiful country of Guatemala boasts its different attractions, but also the rich and colorful culture that is imbibed in the society that inhabits the site.

One of its numerous historical places would be Saint Joseph Cathedral or Catedral de San José, which withstood the biggest earthquakes in the country and is still standing despite partial renovations. The church is still the face of how much Christianity has spread throughout Guatemala in times of Spanish pre-occupation.

Vólcan de Agua or the Volcano of Water can be seen from the busy streets of Antigua Guatemala. Although the volcano does not really bring water out of its mouth, the volcano is famous for its scenic view behind the clouds and the tradition of the people to lay out a carpet pointing to the volcano during Easter.

The Central Park in the city is considered the main gathering spot for the townspeople. On special occasion, presentations and celebrations are held there.

As mentioned earlier, the rich culture and traditions of the people residing in the city makes Antigua Guatemala a worthwhile place to visit. Festivals of saints are held frequently in the city, where colorful costumes are worn by people depicted in plays. Spanish language teaching here is also recognized as one of the most comprehensive courses. Foods made from different herbs and spices are also must-tastes for the visitors.

Someone planning to visit a particular city in Latin America should never pass on the chance going to Antigua Guatemala. Everything and everyone in this wonderful city is surely a site to behold.

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