Fish market in Apia
Photo by: Jorge P. Price, Creative Commons

A charming town that represents Samoa as its Capital, Apia Samoa is a populated town that is situated north coast of Upolu. Described as a sultry verdant island that lies in the center of pacific, Samoa became independent in 1962 and was then called as Western Samoa. It is a small town that offered contrasting lifestyle that highlighted the westernization impact. Apia Town has preserved their ancient culture and tradition which continues to flourish until now.

Apia offers tourist attractions and beach roads that lead to shops, hotels, and restaurants. These beach roads follow the harbor wall using its wide promenade. Before these gigantic walls were built, a water front occupied the area first. But it eventually got washed up and now only little sands remains in the area. There are many distinct places that can be seen in Apia Town.

Catholic Church – This Catholic Church is considered as this town’s finest architectural building. It is located within the city is really a good place to visit and worship.
National Museum -There is also a national museum where the country’s history and famous personalities can be learned. This museum, together with its Road beach, offers a fair introduction to the Samoan culture.

Aggie Grey Hotel – if you’re looking for a nice and affordable place to stay then why not try Aggie Grey Hotel. This hotel is considered as one of the south sea legend that is situated on the Beach Road. This is also Apia Samoa’s most famous hotel that overlooks the harbor.

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