Beach in Aqaba, Jordan
Photo by: pollhup , Creative Commons

If you love to experience some warmth during the winter months and enjoy water sports, there is no better place to go to but Aqaba, Jordan.

Aqaba is lined with palm trees, white sand, and crystal-clear waters from its own gulf that would be very hard for you to resist. Although it is always warm and sunny in this part of the world, you can enjoy some coolness that the northerly breeze brings to the area.

Being a popular destination for water activities at Aqaba, you can enjoy water skiing, snorkeling, wind surfing, fishing, parasailing, and scuba diving. Actually, the real secret which Aqaba holds is what’s under its waters. There is no doubt that the world’s most amazing coral reefs could be found here. Many of them are hundreds of meters wide and are made up of delicately hued corals where many colorful fish love to thrive.

If you are a lover of history, there are also sites where you might be thrilled to visit in Aqaba, Jordan. Aqaba is at least 5500 years old. Some of the most interesting sites to visit are Ayla (early Islamic city), the Aqaba Fort (originally a Crusader Castle), and the museum of Sharif Hussein bin Ali.

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