A beautiful mountain in Arica, Chile.

Photo by: daverugby83, Creative Commons

Whether you are an experienced traveler or not, you will surely appreciate what Arica has to offer. Being the “City of Eternal Spring,” this is a perfect destination to many tourists from all over the world. Surely, guests will appreciate whatever lies ahead in this city for them such as the climate, the places, and people make for many wonderful experiences.

Arica or La Ciudad De La Eterna Primavera is known to be the northernmost city of Chile. It is located in the Norte Grande and embraces the two regions of Tarapaca and Antofagasta. According to its early history, this city has been inhabited since 6000 BC. However, from the time of the first dwellers, Arica has already progressively developed. This can be attested by the rising seaside resorts, shopping centers, and the fabulous nightlife it can offer to all the people.

One beautiful place to visit in Arica is the Cathedral of San Marcos, which is designed by Gustave Eiffel. This is a popular historic attraction in the city. There is also the El Morro. Plus, there is a war museum on top of the hill where cannons and uniforms from way back put on display.

When it comes to Arica’s adventures and activities, surfing and body boarding will always come first in the list. There are lots of surf shops located near the coasts for every wave-lover tourist visiting the city. Also, eating here can be an adventure too. The city offers a variety of savory and first class dishes in all of its outstanding restaurants.

To get here, is not a problem. All means of transportation can reach this land. You can travel here by air, water, or land. There are buses, taxis, trains, and car rentals across the city for your convenience. There are even yachts and sailboats to help you reach your destination by water.

In terms of the climate, there is neither best nor worst time to visit the city. Anytime can be a perfect time to witness the magnificence and fun this beautiful city has to offer. Indeed, there is nothing more you can ask for. Arica is a perfect destination to give you one of the greatest and most memorable travel experiences of your life.

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