Looking Down on Arinsal, Andorra
Photo by: lelik, Creative Commons

Unlike most ski resorts in Andorra, Arinsal is geared for family-oriented vacations. Arinsal is perfect for children and beginner skiers since there are many areas specially designed for this skill level. There are even ski schools specifically for children aged four and above. If you’re planning to visit Arinsal, you should try to go during the winter. During summer, the ski resort and rest of the town pretty much shuts down.

• Skiing – Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding are the most popular activities in Arinsal. The ski terrain is challenging enough for both beginners and intermediate skiers. There are many ski schools in Arinsal that cater to people of different ages and skill levels.
• Shopping – The shopping area in Arinsal is very limited. There are a few stores that sell snowboarding and skiing equipment. If you want to go shopping, head to Andorra La Vella. The capital is easily accessible through public transport and is only about a 30 minute drive away.
• Dining – Besides the local flavor, there are many restaurants offering cuisines from many parts of the world. Italian, Mexican, Argentinean, Thai and American dishes are some of the many flavors you can taste in the restaurants of Arinsal. Most of the eateries are very reasonably priced.
• Nightlife – Though not as lively as other ski destinations, Arinsal does offer some nightlife. Many of the pubs and bars are very family friendly and some have themes like an Irish influenced bar or a traditional English pub. You can still dance the night away, there are disco-bars and nightclubs in Arinsal.
• Other activities – Aside from skiing, you can also go hiking and mountain biking.

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