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Arizona State Museum on the grounds of ASU
Photo by: Zereshk, Creative Commons

When it comes to appreciating the history of the world, visiting the Arizona State Museum is the best way to go. This museum is home to all kinds of historical items that give valuable information about the civilization of the early days of the world and enables a lot of people particularly researchers to learn more about its history, how the people lived then, their culture and many more.

The Arizona State Museum was first established in the year 1893 by the Arizona Territorial Legislature and is one of the oldest and largest museums of anthropology. This museum contains a lot of archeological discoveries, artifacts and different kinds of collections and some of which include the world’s biggest whole-vessel collection of Indian pottery in the Southwest, over one-hundred fifty thousand catalogued archeological artifacts and ethnographic artifacts, textile collections from the Navajo tribe, Casa Grandes pottery collections, over five hundred excellent examples of Mexicali folk masks and many more.

All these collections make Arizona State Museum one of the greatest places to visit when one wants to take a glimpse of some of the things in the past. Each item contains almost a ton of information about its origin, for example a what seem to others as a simple pot actually contains information about its creator, its civilization and at what particular time period it was made, its style or design reveals its culture or lifestyle of those people during those times. When visiting the Arizona State Museum you don’t just look at the history, but you also learn it along the way.

Arizona State Museum does not stop there; the artifacts the museum now possesses are just some of the many priceless treasures that the early civilizations left. With the help of many archeologists, anthropologists and researchers, they reveal more secrets about the history of the early civilizations of the world.

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