Cathedral in Armagh
Photo by: shadowgate , Creative Commons

Dubbed as the Cathedral City of Northern Ireland, Armagh has evidently a strong religious background. Now the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland, it has been the religious center since the fifth century. It is even the center of both the Catholic and Anglican faiths. Interestingly enough, both the cathedrals representing the two faiths are named St. Patrick, after the patron saint of Ireland. These two cathedrals are found on nearby hilltops.

What to See in Armagh

Armagh feels a bit drab and depressing if you are expecting well-polished, modern buildings. There are some attractive Georgian buildings and historic sites that you may visit for the cultural feel. Just try to consider the ugly, boarded-up windows as part of the mixed up personality of Armagh. After all, Armagh is called a Cathedral City. You have to have a taste for something a bit different and saturated with ancient history. Call yourself a pilgrim and the place will definitely transform into something more intriguing and with underlying beauty. You may visit the must-see Armagh Public Library.

What to Do in Armagh

You can take a break by listening to music in Gildernews Bar. There is even a DJ present during the weekends. You may also check out the art exhibits, go to the theater or listen to a live band. If you would rather have a lazy day out, you can always go to a café or a restaurant.

Where to Eat

When it comes to food, you do not have anything to worry about in Armagh. The city is home to restaurants with variety of dining options. You can take your pick from French delicacies, Australian exotic foods, Thai soups, deli servings and fresh bread. You can be fancy as you like or simple as you want. There is room for the stylish and the exotic in Armagh, something you may not expect if you take in consideration some rundown streets.
Armagh offers enough interesting sites and activities to keep you occupied during your visit. The two St. Patrick cathedrals are enough to make your visit worthwhile. Still, additional interesting details should make your trip much more unforgettable. After a long day out, scoping both the beautiful and not-so-beautiful, you will be thankful to come home to period accommodations that make you feel as if you are a royal a couple centuries ago.

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