Children playing in field in Arua, Uganda.
Photo by: sanjoy , Creative Commons

Far northwest in Uganda lies the small town of Arua which is virtually cut-off from the country’s capital city Kampala due to its sheer distance. Even so, the town of Arua still remains to be a critical local commercial center for trade with neighboring nations Sudan and Congo. It is also home to the Arua Airport, the next busiest airport to the Entebbe International Airport. You can find an assortment of goods and wares sold by petty traders in this town of Arua. Tourists looking for souvenir shops in Arua are not likely to find one. But, there are locally made crafts peddled in the town’s main market. There are over thirty establishments in Arua offering board and lodging to tourists and locals alike. Among the most popular hotels in Arua include the Pacific Hotel and the White Rhino Hotel. From the town’s center, tourists can begin their exploration of the natural and cultural wonders held by this small town of Arua.

In the Ajai Wildlife Reserve located along the Albert Nile, you can find a vast number of white rhinos, Columbus monkeys, baboons, leopards, and some bird species. There are campsites off the banks of the Nile at the Tangi Gate where tourists can stay to commune with nature. Also, flowing into the Albert Nile are the waterways of Ola River, Kochi River, Acha River and Enyau River. Here you can find various fish eating bird species. You can also visit the scenic fishing villages at the river junctions. At the Kei and Wati Mountains, tourists can go for a hike and enjoy the mountain scenery.

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